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Edepth Angel: Pinocchio's Murder

Edepth Angel: Pinocchio's Murder
游戏类型: 休闲竞技 测试日期: 
收费状态:  运 营 商: Altabestudio
游戏特征: 单人 游戏官网: 点击进入
游戏地区: 其他 游戏专区: http://newgame.17173.com/game-info-1014194.html
游戏画面: 2D  
游戏专区    Edepth Angel: Pinocchio's Murder-游戏简介
Summary:Which memory is true, which is false? Angel must sort out the implanted memories and true memories in her friends Lien and Kolei in order to rescue them from the grasp of their controlling father Seon, who wants to turn them into puppets to become pure weapons of mass destruction.THE GAMEThere will be three romance options: Choose between Lien, Kolei, and Seon’s mysteries to solve and resolve for expanded content. Additional funding may open up additional routes.GAME ELEMENTS:Starts with three romance options (more options if stretch goals are met) Mystery aspect: investigate and collect evidence of true/false memories.Presenting the case not to a judge but to a character according to their beliefs and personalities, you need to lay out the evidence in a timeline, if matched you get a good ending, if not matched you get a bitter/sweet ending but with another evidence to keep playing.You can end up helping the enemy to take over the world if you choose.Options to pair characters up, there’s romance element Friendship endings will become available once funding reached stretch goals.*Based on E-Depth Angel Developer: Altabe StudioStatus: In ProductionRelease: 2017Genre: Mystery, Science Fiction, Romance, Choose Your AdventureRomance options: GXBRating: 13+Engine: RenpySpecs: 1200x800Language: EnglishPlatform: PC/MacLength: 60k words (6 hours playtime)Voice Acting: LimitedINTERACTIVE FEATURES: 1. It includes 1 dress up mini game for your support robot, DingDing2. Collecting evidence after talking to different characters, with drag and drop features into the item box to present the story you piece together to get the desirable endings. 3. 13 Endings in total.CHARACTERSAngel Love – ||Human/Clone|| The heroine who is a clone of someone from the past.Angel is a certified nurse for cyborgs and wishes the best for them, including helping her friends Lien and Kolei with their personal issues.Well meaning and committed, Angel won’t stop until her friends are finally happy.Lien Lei – ||Cyborg|| CEO of Seon Corp and Angel’s boss who has a famous storm-like temper. He may or may not have feelings for her…Lien has had a grudge against family members for years which he might take to the grave.Kolei – ||Cyborg/Bio-Mech|| The younger brother of Lien and quieter of the two.He hides a lot of secrets and prefers to be very private, acting distant as there is more going on beneath the surface than he likes to let on.His relationship with Lien is complicated due to their history and half-sibling relation.Seon Lei – ||Cyborg/”Immortal”|| The brothers’ mysterious and elusive father who is the founder of the major company Seon Corp.,which has the size and power of a small country. His reasons behind the treatment and mental manipulation of his sons are questionable…SIDE CHARACTERSRandy- A cyborg whose human life was turned upside down thanks to Seon Corp., namely Lien Lei. He is a steadfast friend to Angel and forced lackey of Lien. His hacking ability makes him a valuable ally.Sharon - ||Human|| Head doctor at Seon Corp, she is a long time employee and Angel's boss when Lien isn't around. Usually calm and collected, she might decide to leave her job due to the insanity that ensues between the Lei family.Lilian – ||Human/Clone|| A mysterious and beautiful woman with a striking resemblance to Lien’s deceased mother due to being her clone.What secrets does she know by being at Seon’s side?DingDing –||Robot/Mini Android||DingDing is Angel's personal robot assistant and a defacto "pet" as well friend; she's customizable in appearance.Angelica - ||cyborg??|| a cyborg with appearance that closely resembles Angel.She relays messages for Angel and helps Angel with her work. 摘要:哪些记忆是真实的,哪些是错误的?安琪尔必须在她的朋友连战和科雷的记忆和真实的记忆中进行整理,以便从他们控制的父亲Seon手中救出他们,他想把他们变成傀儡,成为纯粹的大杀伤性武器。游戏将有三种浪漫的选择:在连战、科雷和赛昂的秘密之间进行选择,以解决和解决扩展的内容。额外的资金可能会开辟更多的途径。游戏元素:从三种浪漫的选择开始(如果达到拉伸目标,会有更多的选择)神秘方面:调查并收集真实/错误记忆的证据。你需要根据他们的信仰和性格来陈述案件,你需要在时间轴上列出证据,如果你得到了一个好的结尾,如果没有匹配,你就会得到一个痛苦的结局,但是有另一个证据可以继续下去。如果你愿意,你可以帮助敌人占领世界。配对角色的选择,一旦资金达到拉伸目标,就会有浪漫元素的友谊结局。*基于E-Depth Angel Developer: Altabe StudioStatus:在ProductionRelease: 2017Genre:神秘,科幻,浪漫,选择你的冒险性选项:GXBRating: 13+引擎:RenpySpecs: 1200x800语言:英语平台:PC/MacLength: 60k words(6小时播放时间)语音代理:限制交互功能:1。它包括一款为你的支持机器人量身打造的迷你游戏。在与不同的人物对话后收集证据,并将其拖拽到物品栏中,以呈现出你拼凑的故事以获得令人满意的结局。3所示。总共13个结局。人物性格:||人/克隆||女主人公,她是过去某个人的翻版。安吉尔是cyborgs公司的一名注册护士,希望对他们最好,包括帮助她的朋友连战和科雷的个人问题。善良和忠诚,直到她的朋友们终于幸福了,安琪尔才会停下来。他是Seon公司的首席执行官,也是天使的老板,他的脾气很好。他可能有也可能没有对她的感情…留置权有怀恨在心家人多年来他可能需要坟墓。Kolei - ||Cyborg/生物mech || The younger brother of Lien and of The two。他隐藏了很多秘密,他更喜欢独处,因为表面之下隐藏的东西比他喜欢的要多。他与留置权的关系因其历史和同父异母的关系而变得复杂。Seon Lei - ||Cyborg/“不朽的”||兄弟们神秘而又难以捉摸的父亲,他是Seon公司的创始人,该公司拥有一个小国的规模和实力。他原因治疗和精神操纵他的儿子是可疑…一边CHARACTERSRandy——cyborg的人类生活天翻地覆由于Seon Corp .,即留置权Lei。他是天使的忠实朋友,是留置权的强迫仆人。他的黑客能力使他成为一个有价值的盟友。Sharon - || ||班主任,Seon公司的首席医生,她是一位很长时间的员工和安吉尔的老板,当她不在的时候。通常情况下,她很冷静,也很镇定,她可能会因为在雷氏家族之间的疯狂而决定辞职。Lilian - ||人/克隆||一个神秘而美丽的女人,与连战已故的母亲有着惊人的相似之处,因为她是她的克隆人。在Seon的身边她知道什么秘密?丁丁- ||机器人/迷你安卓||丁丁是安吉的个人机器人助手,也是一个事实上的“宠物”。的朋友;她是可定制的。当归- | | cyborg ? ?||是一个外形酷似天使的电子人。她为安吉尔传递信息,帮助安吉尔完成工作。

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